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reading tiger

Wednesday, Reading

Proving that I can read a book in under a week, I finished Liminal People yesterday. And yes, for someone who grew up reading X-Men comics and whose tastes have since matured, it was much fun. This is the kind of book I would read like popcorn -- my escapism -- if there were more books out there like it. And judging from the end, there will be.

So, yes, "liminal people," somewhere between "norms" and gods, with special powers. The main character is a healer who is exactly the antithesis of touchy-feely -- he is, essentially, a house assassin for a small but powerful organization based in Morocco. But then he gets a call from his past! The skeleton is standard thriller material, executed well, with enough nonstandard plot choices to keep me happy and enough of a familiar overall shape to keep everyone else happy. Most of the action takes place in London but there is exactly one white man with more than a single line of dialogue (if my count is correct) and he gets creamed early on. You won't really notice that unless you're paying attention, though, because that's what breathless! thriller! action! is for.

I still want to slap Andrew Vachss for his cover quote, though. "Voodoo cauldron" indeed. Pro tip: if it doesn't use the word voodoo on the inside of the book, and/or if it doesn't take place in New Orleans or Haiti, don't use the word in a review quote. Especially if you're a white guy endorsing a black guy's book. Thanks!

Anyway. Lots of fun! Would read the sequel (there will be a sequel) and I don't even do sequels!

Now I am reading Rebecca Ore's The Illegal Rebirth of Billy the Kid. As part of my Western project, dontcha know.

After that, hm. Six Gun Snow White is a possibility (see: Westerns). I started Charles Yu's newest collection of short stories, Sorry, Please, Thank You while at FOGCon -- the first story, "Standard Loneliness Package," was pretty great. We'll see what leaps off the shelves.


I still wouldn't use "voodoo" per se in describing West African religions (in a cover blurb). Too misleading. I'd use a variant.