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reading tiger

Inspired by a random comment over on Facebook, I've decided to try something new, mostly for fun but with a little bit of profit on the side.

I will write anyone who asks an original 20-word short story for a dollar. Five bucks gets you 100 words. The story is yours, and mine, together forever. You may do with it as you like, and I can do with it as I like, but I won't re-sell it to someone else as part of this offer, ever. Your story will be unique, custom, one of a kind.

This offer is open indefinitely.

Here's a convenient PayPal button for your instant gratification (or is that mine?):

Very Short Stories

Include your e-mail address for delivery and expect results in as little as one week.

If you want to pass on this offer to your friends and loved ones, I would be gratified. Use this link:


Samples coming soon.

(P.S. If you can't use PayPal or don't want to give me your e-mail, we can talk.)


Sigh. Paypal.

I bought a 100 word story, but did not get a screen to send you any sort of message. I can only hope that the email address showing on my paypal account is forwarded to the seller? If not, and you have a mystery story payment, ping me for the addy? Dorking out that I can has Custom! Story! by Famous! Author!, lol.

Re: Sigh. Paypal.

Hee, I am not that famous. I got the order and your e-mail address is included, so we're set!