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reading tiger

Monday Dribs and Drabs

1. I feel woefully unprepared for my FOGCon panels next weekend. I will fix that by the time the con actually comes around.

2. Over on FB, I posted an offer to write anyone who wants one a 20-word original short story for a buck, a 100-word short story for five bucks. I'm almost done with the first batch of 11 (!) stories I got from that offer. I mention it here too because the offer is open indefinitely.

3. I am thinking about soup. A lot.

4. Around page 200 of his memoir, I discovered the secret of why I like Eddie Huang so much. It turns out that as an undergraduate, he took as many courses in women's studies and ethnic studies as he could get away with, along with media/film criticism. He busts out our favorite Audre Lorde quote in a food memoir. Now that's tasty.

5. This morning the kids and I overslept by an hour and I still managed to get them to school only 15 minutes late. Progress!