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Preschool Auction -- You're Invited!

If you might like to help raise money for my kids' preschool, Broadway Children's School of Oakland, and I haven't already hit you up for a donation, please consider joining us at our annual fundraising auction. It's free! And I will confess I actually had a lot of fun last year.

We'll be raffling off an "instant wine cellar," there will be cute balloons with prizes hidden inside for sale, and there will be baskets and other goodies to bid on. Some are for kids, some are for parents, and some would be suitable for just about any adult.

You can learn more about the school here: http://broadwaychildrensschool.org/

As G. says, we feel like we lucked out finding Broadway. They are something special. Small, not well-known or trendy, solid education, affordable, and such a warm community. I am happy to shill for them because they deserve broad community support. Also, they provided me with a scholarship this year to bridge the gap when Steven lost his job. I want to help ensure that other families in the future can get help when they need it, too.

So here are the details if you want to stop by and sample my potluck food offerings and maybe buy a raffle ticket or something:

BCSO Annual Fundraising Auction and Raffle
Saturday, March 16, 2013
6:30 pm
Piedmont Community Hall
711 Highland Avenue, Piedmont, CA

"Please bring interested new parents, friends and family -- but leave your children at home with a sitter!"