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reading is fun

Short Children's Book Review: Mister Seahorse

I picked up "Mister Seahorse" by Eric Carle because it's a cute book by an author/illustrator I like about ocean life. I didn't know it was an alternative parenting book until the kids and I were reading it together. Mister Seahorse is carrying a pouch full of eggs laid by Mrs. Seahorse. He swims through the sea and meets five different fish fathers taking care of their eggs or spawn. He also meets other colorful fish who are just hanging around being themselves. This book does do the annoying thing of referring to male parenting as "babysitting," once, with the bullhead catfish, but other than that it's sweet and cute and it's fun to watch Mr. Seahorse swell as he travels until his babies hatch and swim away. "I do love you," he says, "but you are ready to be on your own."


oh, very cool. I didn't know that one.
I hate the "babysitting" thing. I'd put up with it for an otherwise great book, though, especially one that is about dads parenting. The walk is way more important than the talk, I think.

Oh man, perspective change. That line, I know when I was a kid it would have filled me with excitement and thoughts of the Future and being a Grownup! Now, nooo don't swim away so fast babies! ;___;

Well, considering the line is being said to a baby seahorse that wants to swim back inside, my reaction was more along the apparently proper *oh no you don't!* lines :)