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Mom's Night Out Postmortem

Last night I attended a "Mom's Night Out" with my preschool cohort down at the Grand Tavern. Some things I learned:

1. I am not the only one with my kids in absolutely no classes (barring capoeira with Shayna), thank goodness.

2. Anti-perspirant (not deodorant!) is definitely out of style due to health concerns.

3. This set of moms tends to substitute fitness talk for diet talk.

4. Investment banking can be done on a part-time basis.

4(a). Investment banking exams take about 7-8 hours to complete.

5. People do not know how old I am.

6. Most of my cohort are from other parts of California.

7. There are a surprising number of ex-sorority members in this circle. It's more fun, though, when they can't remember their own sorority's name any more.

8. Certain private schools charge a (steep!) door fee to get into their fundraising auctions. Really? Really? People.

9. The fashion sense of husbands is a source of endless hilarity.

10. Few things rival warm homemade potato chips.


in nyc, the Fat Flea that i was involved with for years charged admission-- not steep, we started at $2 and i moved it up to $5... it was then discounted back to you at the register, assuming you bought clothing. it incentivized shopping and that it was a FUNDRAISER, but was affordable enough that folks didn't balk. and all volunteers got in for free. it helped us make money (and we had to pay several thousand dollars just to rent the hall.)

but i'm guessing the demographics you are speaking of are much different!
Yes, when I say steep, I mean $100 a head. My jaw may still be on the floor. A small admission fee discounted at the register makes perfect sense, especially for a flea and I could see it working for an auction too.

Nonetheless, my preschool's fundraising auction is free and everyone is invited :)