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reading tiger

School Choice Vacation Is Over

I got my first "decision"; we are high on the wait list at a certain charter school. I won't keep giving you all breathless updates as this unfolds, I promise, but color me mildly sad at the end of my little hiatus, which mostly got eaten up by house construction excitement (which is also stumbling toward its conclusion at last).

Speaking of the latter, if anyone is looking to rent a stylin' three-bedroom flat in Oakland and fancies me as their downstairs neighbor, I have the listing.

ETA: There's also a one-bedroom available, it looks like. Pricey, though.


Do they take dogs?
The listing says no dogs; I don't know if that's negotiable.

(let's fix that typo.)

Edited at 2013-03-01 03:46 pm (UTC)
Where's the listing?
I don't think it's public yet; I will forward.

Can you send it to me, also?


If all you people lived under one roof, my head might explode with the awesome.
what gorgeous spaces! wish i could do the stairs... oh, and had ALL THE MONEY.