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reading is fun

It's Wednesday, What Are You Reading?

I haven't quite finished off Fresh Off the Boat yet, but I should get there shortly.

The delay is partly because I started reading a cookbook, Soup and Bread. Really reading this cookbook, cover to cover, in a way that I don't always do. Soup and Bread is not just a collection of recipes. It's inspired by the Chicago-area community event of the same name, and branches out to discuss community-building events based around soup all around the country. Some are fundraisers for art, some are directly feeding the hungry, some are food justice folks, some are just neighbors getting together. Food Not Bombs is there. Hull House is there. Etc. It's not without its problems in this regard, as many of the communities discussed seem to be white, young, arty types feeding each other and feeling good about themselves for doing so. You know. But I am a white, middle-aged arty type who likes feeding people, so. And I like to make soup. I am thinking about starting a local Stone Soup gathering soon, thanks in part to my children. Maybe just a once-a-year holiday, maybe something more. We'll see. And I am thinking about other things. Volunteering, maybe. Like I said, we'll see.

What's next? Who knows? Stay tuned.