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mom tattoo

April and Simone were arguing over who got to pick what to watch on Netflix On Demand.

I said, "You guys need to work it out. Or we could flip a coin."

"What does that mean?" April asked.

"It means you toss a coin like a penny into the air and it lands on one side or the other, and you let the coin decide."

There was a brief flurry of discussion, and Simone announced, "Backyardigans!"

"You guys picked Backyardigans together?" I asked.

"No!" Simone said. "The penny decided!"

"The penny decided on Backyardigans," I repeated. They both nodded enthusiastically.

"I was the penny," April said, and grinned.


That's it; I officially cannot read your LJ at work; I read this, started laughing, tried to stifle it, and a co-worker asked if I was OK, because it sounded like I was choking.

Whatever works!
OK, that is awesome.
LOVE it.
I LOVE your April and Simone stories, and this one is way up there! They're so lovely, and so hilarious!
They are so hilarious!
Oh that's lovely!

And I am *always* the penny!
I think this is right up near the top of my list of favorite April and Simone stories. (I don't actually have a list, but it would be if I had one.)

So, April was a penny who discussed her decision, not a penny that got tossed into the air? I imagine she'd have fun with getting tossed in the air.