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reading tiger

We are back in our usual digs after our extended fumigation vacation on the Oakland/Emeryville border, Gaskill neighborhood. Goodbye resident turtle! April actually hugged the place we were staying in, said "I'm going to miss you house," and gave it a kiss. Goodbye Arizmendi Emeryville, hello again Arizmendi Lakeshore! Goodbye delicious pupuseria! Goodbye pizza place that got great reviews but we never got around to trying! Goodbye parks! Goodbye Golden Gate Branch Library! Goodbye nice diner where April and Simone were a big hit simply for sitting in their seats and enjoying their food. Goodbye Amtrak tracks. Goodbye scary shouting matches outside the church across the street. Goodbye house for sale around the corner. Goodbye house down the block that is also being fumigated, by a different company but with a similar circus tent over the place. Goodbye, Temescal Creek. Goodbye heat that I don't have to pay for, goodbye soft mattress and bunk beds and single bathroom adjoining both bedrooms. Goodbye bar stools at the counter. Goodbye lovely kitchen with the broken meat thermometer. Hello, clean refrigerator and garage full of boxed pantry items. Hello, adored and only semi-traumatized cat. Hello Lakeview Branch Library. Hello, seafood drop. Hello, unopened packages on the porch. Hello, old friends, hello, cluttered house, it's good to be home.


It's fun to follow your adventures. All best, especially, to the semi-traumatized cat.
Welcome home! And tell me about the pupuseria, please.
There was a pupuseria called Cassave just a block or two from where we were staying. Really good pupusas and plantains and chips.
Thank you! That sounds great.
And.....I drive past that place all the time.