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Simone made up a new choosing rhyme at lunch today:

"Tyrannosaur, tyrannosaur, brachiosaurus wants to play. How many dinosaur wishes do you want today?"

The scansion could use some work, but not bad.


I'm so charmed that she name-checked brachiosaurus, not one of the standard young person's dinos. In our family, we routinely impersonate brachiosaurs to locate each other in crowds: we put up a fist in the air with the middle finger crooked slightly higher than the others to indicate the brach's bumpy forehead and turn the fist from side to side so the brachiosaur can see over the heads of all the other people. Despite none of us actually having eyes on our hands, this works very well for finding our family, perhaps because other people kinda veer away from the person making the weird gestures.