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reading tiger

a little more serious now

OK, do I have to admit that I am explicitly aware of the Western's colonial narrative problematicnessnessness? That's part of the joke.

And the appeal.

I am actually thinking very strongly of Joanna Russ' essay "What Can a Heroine Do? Or Why Women Can't Write," which Changed My Life and Still Informs My Writing Today even though We've Come A Long Way Since (baby. Here, have a cigarette). I am thinking, as I always do, of her example "a girl goes into the woods and kills a bear to prove her womanhood." (Paraphrased, as my library is being fumigated at the moment.) And also of my hazy memories of The Virginian as discussed in office hours with My Favorite Graduate Student, the one who also sold me comics as a teenager, the same one who discussed the semiotics of Bill Laimbeer's pink shirt with me. (I cannot find a pic but if you check out Google Images' search on Bill Laimbeer and Isaiah Thomas you'll see what I'm getting at.)

I can't explain this linearly, obvs. But yes, half-serious and half-joking, all conscious. That's me!