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reading tiger

nihilistic_kid has recently retired from SF/F writing and says he will only write crime fiction and avant-garde fiction from now on.

I am thinking of doing something similar. But not crime fiction. (Well, after I get this final batch of serial killer crap out of my head and onto the page for once and for all.)

I am thinking of writing only Westerns from now on.

Actually I was considering writing an epic high school coming-of-age roman a clef crossed with a Western.

Whatcha think?


I wrote a response and then figured I was too tired to be able to tell where your tongue is at the moment, so I'm refraining from posting it.

Which clef, though?
I am not serious about writing only Westerns. However, my half-asleep brain really did have an idea to cross a Western with a high school coming-of-age novel. I think I probably like it more as an idea than I would in execution, but you never know. Also it might be a subconscious note to do *something* with the Western soon. Or I might just have read Thunder Rose to my children one too many times.
Could it also have werewolves? *bats eyelashes*
....it could happen.
But, you know, wild Mustang werehorses have their appeal too. (No reason not to have both...) Because I have to admit the gender politics of wild Mustang werehorses in a coming-of-age novel *definitely* has potential.
OOH. I like that!!!
"I don't want to *ride* the horses, I want to *be* the horses!"