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hot dog

Went to Ronca's Chicken and Waffles for lunch, a pop-up spot that happens on Mondays inside Beauty's Bagels in Oakland. I wasn't sure they'd be open for the holiday, but luck was with me today.

I hear that they will be on hiatus soon due to Ronca's graduate school schedule demands, but whenever they pop back up (har har), I double-thumbs-up recommend them. The waffles are sturdy enough to pool syrup and melted butter for an entire meal without getting soggy, and the chicken (breasts only) was crispy on the outside, moist on the inside and nicely seasoned too. The slaw on the side was vinegar-based and slightly spicy, perfect for me. They offer a pretty good bacon waffle, too, although I'd prefer it as a standalone rather than as a chicken accompaniment, I think. Even the complimentary lemonade was a cut above. I hope Ronca is saving up for her own space post-grad school.