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reading tiger

The end of the week consisted of extended Valentine's Day celebrations, surprise edition. G. scheduled stealth extended care for the kids on Friday, took the day off and took me to lunch at Angeline's Louisiana Kitchen. He didn't tell me until we were sitting at dinner on Thursday (at Ikaros on Grand), after we watched our tres romantic movie, "A Good Day to Die Hard." Which was meh. And also, amusingly, playing at the Grand Lake at the exact same time as the erotic film shorts program, which we picked up a program for but didn't really miss, honestly.

This weekend is all about packing upo the pantry for tenting, which commences on Tuesday. I snuck out this afternoon to watch silent movies at the Castro -- Buster Keaton shorts plus The Thief of Bagdad. I am such a shameless Douglas Fairbanks fangirl at this point. I make no apologies. Plus, bonus Anna May Wong!