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reading tiger

1. I got a ride to my chiropractor from one of the preschool parents this morning after she spotted me at the bus stop. It was seriously awesome especially as I was going out of her way.

2. At lunch at Xolo downtown. Finally had their Danger Dog. It was worth the spots of mustard on my shirt.

3. Reconnoitered on our public transit options while we're out of the house next week.

4. Today was the preschool Valentine's exchange. Simone's were handmade, and April's were store-bought, because I did not manage to shepherd them both through the process of making custom Valentines for everybody. I'm OK with this, even if it does mean everybody missed April's googly eye masterpieces. Maybe next year.

5. In a timely twist of curriculum, the kids got to investigate termites in logs outside today.