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reading tiger

The Haps, Wood Borer Edition

We have a date for the tenting of the house. Now begins the frantic preparation for the tenting of the house. I have secured lodging, and cat boarding. We have to pack up every single ingestible in the house and find a place to store it for the duration. So that is my life at the moment.

I have a lot of pantry items, my friends. I did not earn this nickname lightly.


For the termite tenting we got these special plastic bags from the exterminator that I wrapped the things in according to a very strict protocol. I don't know if they use the same chemical for wood borers, or if whatever they do use is blocked by that method. But there it is for you t ask about if you want to. Don't remember what the bags were called.
The landlord mentioned something about special bags for the fridge stuff, which I might use for the condiments and such.