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hot dog

The Oyster Report

My hands are all cut up from shucking a goodly number of oysters for yesterday evening's dinner. I only stabbed myself once, though; the rest are nicks from the shells themselves. Shucking oysters is a lot more fun than shucking clams, oddly. And I am pleased that you can do it with a church key, although it tends to fragment the shell around the valve and leave you with grit in your oyster. I also successfully used the dull blade on the waiter's corkscrew I own. Nonetheless, if I plan to do this at all on the regular I can see where an oyster knife might be a good investment.

Also, if I had a manicure, it would be ruined.

I baked the oysters with cream, bacon, potato, chives, cheddar, spinach and a bunch of other ridiculous stuff. Because why not? And they were so good, my friends. Not at all overwhelmed by the rich ingredients and bold flavors. Happy briny goodness.

Baking them with stuff also helped make them a meal rather than a lavish appetizer, as they would have been if I'd just served them raw.

So far I am *very* happy with the seafood CSA. Of course, I missed Herring Week so that might help. Even though I love herring -- once it's already processed!

(I actually have yet to have any finfish at all.)


I have oysters on my mind today. Enjoy yours. The pain in the hands is part of it, I think. You should buy the oyster knife. Then you would have oysters more often!
Oyster knife and oyster glove. Both of these will make the experience much less dangerous and messy. Also pop the oysters in the freezer for 5 minutes before shucking. They will relax, thinking they're back in the sea.
The damp towel that I was using to help store the oysters worked well in lieu of a glove, and the one time I stabbed myself was the one time I skipped using the towel, of course. Thanks for the freezer tip!
I have used a damp towel...I still greatly prefer the oyster glove (or a decent gardening glove if you can set one aside for just shucking). Lots more dexterity and the likelihood of stabbing yourself is reduced to nil.

I love shucking oysters @ home - and I love the idea of a seafood csa, wowza!