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mom tattoo

How To Get Your Morning Workout, Preschool Division

1. Send your children to a preschool that is two long blocks away, straight downhill.

2. Walk your children to school. (Early today!)

3. Notice that one of your children has forgotten to wear her backpack to school.

4. Her backpack contains her lunch.

5. Walk back uphill, as rapidly as you can.

6. Grab the backpack.

7. Walk back downhill, again as rapidly as you can.

8. Stash the backpack in your child's cubby.

9. Receive compliments on how fast you managed to make the trip.

10. Walk back uphill.


It's that kind of day...

1) Remember to clean cat box before going to work.
2) Remember you have a sandwich in the fridge at approximately the Fruitvale exit.
3) Exit highway.
4) Enter highway in the opposite direction.
5) Get lunch.
6) Apologize to carpool partners and book southwards again.