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reading is fun

Informal Reading Wednesday Returns

Still reading Genocidal Organ though I suspect I will be done by the weekend if not sooner. I like it. A lot. More later.

Last night I read Commander Toad and the Voyage Home to the kids as their bedtime story. It's a little long for a bedtime story, a little too tough to use as a first reader (especially as there are a few puns), but that's what I get for letting the children pull books off the library shelves with no regard for appropriate age. All that said, this is a book deliberately aimed at media-saturated geek parents and their spawn, and it's safe to say Jane Yolen has pulled off the trick of writing a book that entertains both adults and children. This is the tale of Commander Toad and his ship Star Warts. Commander Toad has a Spock-like companion, a crabby old doctor companion in a green wig, a trigger-happy companion named Lily and "young Jake Skyhopper." You can see, then, that this is a mash-up of the old Frog and Toad early readers plus several SF media franchises, including, somewhat presciently, Battlestar Galactica (Voyage Home was written in 1998 but Lily is still Starbuck, don't ask me how). And so if you're familiar with all of these shows, you know that there will be a twist to "the voyage home." Its climax is, well, a bad pun. But still funny, because it's not *just* a bad pun, it's an homage to all the cheesy but charming precedents that set the joke up. Which is good because my kids are too young to get the wordplay but old enough to appreciate the satisfying conclusion.

I've also been dipping into The Insomniac Reader again. It's a great concept: "stories of the night." I've been enjoying it but nothing has particularly rang my gong just yet.