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reading tiger

Nothing is easy right now. Don't get me wrong, lots of it is fun! It's just not easy. Bullet points for everyone:

* The contractors are working on the section of the foundation right below my desk this morning. My desk is rattling. My laptop sways. It's like being in a mild but very long-winded earthquake. Only louder. That museum paste I got last week is looking like a good investment at the moment.

* Busy weekend included game night on Saturday and a kids' birthday party on Sunday, a pajama-themed event at a local bouncy house place. I spent a lot of time answering questions about school choice -- I seem to be the expert now.

* Also, lamb burgers last night. Mmmmmm.

* Busy upcoming weekend includes the Super Bowl and our traditional accompanying party, and Christopher Lee's memorial. Not in that order.

* Speaking of the never-ending process that is school choice, I still have one more application to make to a charter school, which means more paperwork-related running around this week.

* Kids are in extended care today and Wednesday, but I forgot their pillowcases for today's nap time.

* I also forgot their veggies for Stone Soup. I can still bring them in on Wednesday.

* April may be having a reaction to the antibiotic prescribed for her ear infection; she's on sulfa, she has a rash under her eye this morning. We've called the doctor. I, too, am allergic to sulfa, btw.

* Valentine's Day is coming up, which these days means putting together valentines for the kids' preschool class in addition to the usual. I think we will be using a lot of stickers.

* Leftover crab from the seafood drop is a glorious thing.