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reading tiger

Wednesday Reading Thing

What am I reading? I'm back to Natural Born Celebrities after a short break. This book should be required reading for anyone who has any sort of ambivalent or critical interest in serial killers. Right now I am in the section where the author deconstructs how "serial killer" came to be equated with "sexual homicide."

What have I just read? Well, Gentrification of the Mind. But you knew that.

What will I be reading soon? Genocidal Organ, I think. If that's too heavy, I may head for Scotty Bowers' Full Service, which is a memoir of Bowen's pansexual escapades among the Old Hollywood elite.


Thank you for the book update!

After you posted on Twitter about it, I picked up 'Natural Born Celebrities' and have been slowly taking it in.. so many thoughts around it, great read.

'Full Service' looks equally amazing. I may have to get a copy for my gay uncle David.