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mom tattoo

Does this fit the definition of irony?

April and Simone have a birthday party to attend this weekend -- the other set of twins at preschool are turning five. As they came to our party bearing gifts, I figure this gesture should be reciprocated. Only I have no idea what to buy twin five-year-old girls. Or more precisely how to balance my, um, possibly eccentric ideas with more conventional approaches.

So I head to Our Friend Google for some advice and inspiration.

This link is on the first page of results.

So I guess I will be literally taking my own advice now.


The kind of gifts they brought to your party might be a clue as to what they like.
This is excellent advice! Unfortunately in the frenzy of four-year-olds wanting to open their gifts nownownow, I failed to note at the time which gift came from which family.
You might be able to ask the parents without causing undue consternation. ;)
It is always appropriate to bring a set of magnets or magnifiers. It is always appropriate to bring art supplies.
There. Done.
Art supplies were my first instinct.
go with it!
WAIT A MINUTE: YOU WROTE THAT!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :) :) :)
haha, I read that and thought, wow, that is really such great advice, I'm surprised to see it, wonder who wrote that, OHHH, that is why it is so great. pretty funny.
I did more or less the same thing -- "hey, this sounds like the kind of advice I'm looking for. Actually, this writing sounds kind of familiar. Oh, wait."