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hot dog

The Meat CSA drop was today. I'm signed up with 4505 Meats and I selected the "butcher's choice" option. In the nice shiny complimentary insulated bag today I got:

* 1/2 plain chicken
* 1/2 chicken rubbed with harissa
* a 3 pound beef rib roast
* a 5 pound pork shoulder roast rubbed with chile
* 3 pounds of ground lamb
* a package of chicken apple calvados sausage
* two packages of chicharrones

I am so pleased. Also I need to figure out what to do with a lot of ground lamb.


I don't know what your position on cheese is, but this lamb and polenta lasagna is unbelievably good. If you're a cheese person.

I've made these approximately one million times since I stumbled across the recipe. Seasoning the lamb the day before makes a big difference.

Jealous now!
Both of those recipes look great. (I am pro cheese!)
You forgot kifte :) I am not a huge fan, unfortunately.

How often do these happen? That's a lot of food!
Once a month. Which looks about right for three big people and two small ones.
greek meatloaf!
Moussaka! And real shepherd's pie instead of cottage pie made with beef. (Peppered with actual shepherd on top optional.) And sausage-y recipes done as patties instead of stuffed into guts. I would think along the lines of rosemary and garlic because that's what I always did with leg of lamb, but there are so many ways you could take it.
This Greek lamb pilaf is excellent.

I can't wait to try the lasagna linked above. It looks so tasty!

(apologies if this gets double posted; LJ crapped out when I hit post.)
Lamb burgers!
We are looking at their webpage right now - what price level did you opt for? This sounds awesome.
I chose the $200 level.