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reading tiger

I am not doing the Wednesday reading thing this week because it would look much like last week, except that I expect to finish My Berlin Kitchen today and start on the latest issue of Food and Wine before picking up Gentrification of the Mind. And also, as I mentioned yesterday, I am concurrently re-reading Shulamith Firestone.

Meanwhile, I went to look at Urban Montessori today. Urban Montessori is a new charter school, opened just this fall. It's public education on a Montessori model -- not something you see every day, and something I do think we could stand to see more of. The whole thing was a fascinating glimpse into the challenges charter schools face. I like their philosophy, though, and I can see the kids thriving in such a setting. I don't think Montessori would have been right for them at the preschool level, but now that they've had a chance to play and explore and develop socially, it's a good match for their temperament. Urban Montessori is also big on "design thinking," fwiw. Unfortunately, they're all the way out by Mills. A long bus ride, but practically door to door. Except that they expect to move again after three years max...

Right now I am watching Voyage to the Bunny Planet, based on the book by Rosemary Wells (of Max and Ruby fame). Basically, bunnies who have had a really bad day -- shots at the doctor, snow in the shoes, icy showers, rowdy cousins -- visit the Bunny Planet in their imaginations and have "the day that should have been." I am also pleased that while Wells' prose rhymes, it doesn't bother me at all. (Five years of reading children's books has left its mark.) Maggie Gyllenhaal narrates it well, and besides, it matches "crackles" with "hackles" and that's hard not to love.