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reading tiger

Presented without comment, but you can hear me gasping for breath between peals of laughter in the background.

"But it’s not simply her insistence on showing us her body that bugs us. There is also the context. The New York Post “Girls” review can barely contain its disbelief that Dunham would write herself a role in which TWO men are sexually interested in her. Such FANTASY.

The implication is that we should all marvel at how Dunham -- about whom, based on appearance alone, many seem happy to erroneously assume she would not know an elliptical machine if it bit her on the “blobby” leg -- can possibly expect us to believe that she would, in real life, have multiple men interested in her? Worse, that they want to have SEX with her? She’s not even TRYING that hard! She’s not even SORRY that she looks like that!"

"The Audacity of Lena Dunham, and Her Admirable Commitment to Making Us Look at Her Naked"

P.S. "So when you add to this the fact that a great many American women are culturally brought up to understand that our relationships with other women are always going to have an undercurrent of competition -- how do we compete with Lena Dunham, who refuses to play? There are no RULES to this game. And so we get angry." (whistling...)


having already almost choked, I think I'll wait to read this till after I finish my snack. Yikes.
gosh, two or more people interested in a woman who weighs more than the cultural norm says is appropriate? what could the odds of that happening possibly be?
I had to make sure Lena Dunham wasn't Lena Headey (Cersei in Game of Thrones). Otherwise it was too weird.