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Took April to Piedmont High today with the intention of letting her run around the track until she was tired. Piedmont High is big and sprawly. I was worried we would not be able to find the track at all before the kids got bored. But I headed for the big banks of overhead lights and sure enough, there was the football stadium, open to the public. There was a soccer game going on on the football field but the track itself was empty, give or take a jogger or two.

Simone made it about 3/4 of a lap running, the rest walking, and then rested with me in the stands.

April ran two laps. The first lap she took a break to wait for her sister to catch up. But the second lap she ran without stopping. She accelerated to the finish line and told me later, "I ran slow at the beginning and fast at the end!" "Good strategy," I replied.

I asked her if she wanted to try for a third but she declined. Nonetheless, she ran uphill from the stadium. She ran to the playground at the Piedmont Community Center. She flew down the slide a few times before finally, finally settling down in the sand for a while.

Meanwhile, Simone made massive instafriends with a girl named Julia, to the point where we have made a park date for tomorrow because Julia didn't want us to go home before playing pirates. After playing superheroes and king/queen/princess, that is.


Aw! And I am super-impressed by April's energy.