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mom tattoo

Today started with breakfast at Pizzaiolo. Shayna often takes the twins there, so we walked in and were immediately recognized (and plyed with donut holes). Afterwards we went home and made sugar cookies. Something was wrong with the dough -- it was way too sticky and impossible to cut out (although easy to roll). But we decorated and baked them anyway, since for kids the fun lies in colored sugar and sprinkles more than anything else. I also baked up the second batch of my fundraiser cookies.

Tonight I should be heading out to the Uptown, just to remind myself that I am an adult. Though next year I may fully cop to (domestic) caviar and blinis as my adult reminder instead.

P.S. I am thinking of skipping WisCon this year again. But I am also seriously considering attending my 25th high school reunion. Alone. Strangely, there are folks I want to see and folks who want to see me. Plus I'd have a place to stay for free and all. I'd love to bring the kids too but I think it will cost too much.