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Year-end Highlights and Lowlights

In no particular order.

* This is the year that Bill Brent and Christopher Lee killed themselves. Their deaths have really shaken me up and I've been spending a lot of time brooding about where I was when I knew them best, and where I am now, and where I am going.

* Also, I haven't talked about this much with anyone, anywhere but I got into a fight with a friend over Bill's life and death and I unilaterally decided I can't be more than superficially social with said friend from this point onward. The decision broke my heart but at the same time I know it's right. (Standard disclaimer: you're not that friend.) All of this also did not help ease my sense that match by match I am burning certain bridges down.

* I built an altar for Bill for Dia de los Muertos and spent a day in the park with it.

* I published a book! Lost Girls and Others is a collection of my queer-themed erotic fiction. It is hawt. It is still available, in both e-book and print form. It earned me a tiny royalty check late in the year.

* I edited a book! Putting together Outlaw Bodies was a wonderful experience and I am very proud of it. I also heart by co-editor, Djibril al-Ayad. Outlaw Bodies is also available in both e-book and print form.

* I made it through The Kindergarten Tour Schedule of Death 2012 and turned in my enrollment paperwork nearly a month early, bitchez.

* One of my partners lost their job and found a new one. My other partner got transferred.

* The house we live in went up for sale. Was sold. It looks like we get to remain in place but things were up in the air for several months there.

* We drove to Redding to watch the eclipse.

* I chaperoned the kids on a school field trip to our local fire station.

* We took the kids to their first baseball game.

* We started a tradition of ice cream at Fenton's for the last day of school.

* My sister got married in Michigan and I was there. My children acted as flower girls. I got to show G. the lay of my childhood landscape, including my old schools and the old house.

* I saw my step-grandfather Bob for what turned out to be the last time; he died a few months later.

* We acquired a minivan, thanks to my parents.

* The kids completed potty training. W00t!

* Started a garden for Simone.

* Simone has started reading sight words.

* Simone demonstrated that she is left-handed.

* I got a gum graft.

* I had six weeks of Mysterious Ladyparts Therapy in Lafayette. Lafayette is a strange town, yo.

* I got a tattoo. Or two, depending on how you look at it. On Mother's Day.

* I won a fancy, fancy dinner at Mission Chinese Food and ate eleven courses of wonderfulness alongside a bunch of strangers.

* Simone dislocated her elbow for the second time, mere hours after Steven has departed for Germany for a month.

* I became a parenting writer.

* I sold some poetry, forthcoming.

* I sold three new stories, three reprints, and one essay. Some were published and some are forthcoming.

* I wrote (finished writing) a big thing, and submitted it somewhere, and now I wait. Another big thing is submitted and waiting, too. Here's hoping for more big things.


I've really enjoyed chatting with you on Twitter this year. Happy new year!