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reading tiger

So! Amazon has banned authors -- of anything -- from penning book reviews -- of anything.

I guess this means I no longer have to feel a smidge guilty about not actually writing (many) reviews in the first place and thus squandering my social capital or somesuch.


Amazon is a pack of noodlenoggins, as usual.

But me, I don't participate in Amazon anyhow. You know how people link to an Amazon page when they recommend a book? I link to Bookshop Santa Cruz, Powell's, or the publisher.
I try to link to Powell's or the publisher. I should probably find a local option as well.

Since I worked on the small publishing side of the desk for a while, I have a more mixed view of Amazon as a whole. As in, at least they a) carried our books and b) paid on time...
Oh, I know Amazon has had its good points over the years. I did say they were a pack of noodlenoggins and not the evilest evil of all. I just can't deal with their website, honestly, it's too junked up with all the extraneous stuff they're pushing when you're just lookign for a book. I do like the "look inside" feature, but the other options are just cleaner to work with.

I have used Abebooks, too, and also I'll sometimes point straight at the author's page for the description.

I make it sound like I read so much these days.
Ha. But I have a pen name! So theoretically, even if my author self is forbidden to do so, I could leave reviews as a private individual?

Not that I ever do, of course

I suppose there's always Goodreads for that.
I think it is really dumb, but I also find it to be a relief. ;)