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reading tiger

How we spend our winter break

Today the kids and I headed out again, to Stephanie Pepitone's Rockin' Kids Sing-a-long. April and Simone have been going since before they could walk; now they were the second-tallest (though not second-oldest) kids in the room.

It was so sweet to watch April help the little kids play their triangles and such. She is really very solicitous of folks, particularly younger children. She has matured a lot over the past year in terms of sharing space and instruments, too.

Simone, meanwhile, would like very much to run things herself. She is ready. She knows all the songs, after all, and has, ahem, a very loud voice.

Having a chance to run around, dance and just generally move around energetically indoors for an hour was also a boon. I have to figure out what we're going to do next week.