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reading tiger

Today's original plan was to visit the Contemporary Jewish Museum's exhibit on Ezra Jack Keats with jactitation and kid, but we arrived at 11 and found out that on Thursdays Only, the museum opens at 1. Oops. So instead we played on the Yerba Buena playground and rode the carousel and ate lunch. That was enough for our esteemed guests, who headed home after lunch for postprandial rest. My children, however, did not want to go home. Oh no. So we ended up back at the Jewish Museum and walked through the exhibit. The kids were mildly bored with looking at pictures from books they've already read, but they enjoyed playing with the thick felt cutouts in the final corner of the exhibit. April also wanted to look at the other exhibit, on The Photo League of New York, so we walked through that too. Then it was downstairs for drop-in art. Simone made collages -- I really need to buy her some left-handed scissors although she's doing fine with righties once she figures out where to put her fingers -- while April performed in the puppet theater. Simone solemnly donated her artwork to the museum when she was finished. The museum also showed a couple of Scholastic movie versions of Keats' books, so we spent our last half-hour in a dark room with a big screen. Then we took BART home just in time to beat the rush hour crowds.


Oh man, we had so much fun, but I wish I could have gone with April to the Photo League show. GB keeps talking about both A. & S. Glad you all got home before the crowds.
We had a great time hanging out with you two. Thank you so much for a lovely morning!