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reading is fun

I will say that one thing that reading Hairstyles of the Damned did for me is make me wish for the high school girl's equivalent to read, so that I didn't once again have to observe flashes of my own heretofore unspoken reality through a boy's eyes. Such a book surely must exist somewhere, right? Must be completely unsentimental without being mean. Don't think I don't see where this is going.


At this point you're going to need a chart for these, with timelines and other organizational tools on it.

Yes, you have to (not the charts, that's just a remark: the writing).
Also I need to learn to be a faster writer. A *lot* faster.
Me too. I could be, too, if I wasn;t so distractable.

I really don't need to actually look at the accordion players on youtube while I am writing.
I am secretly hoping that having the kids in kindergarten will help with this. Fingers crossed.