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reading tiger

In Other News: RIP Christopher Lee

(Repeating this text from FB.)

I'm a little shook up at the news of Transgender Film Festival co-founder Christopher Lee's suicide. We were friendly although not close -- we enjoyed each other's company a lot whenever we ran into each other, though I hadn't seen him for a while. Remind me to tell you about the A's game we went to together one time a few years ago and how that happened. He was such a forceful personality and he always made me smile, and we had some good times back in the OOB and just-post-OOB days, especially around that first Trannyfest. I interviewed him for GettingIt.com once; link is here. I might have been just a little in awe of him and his glamour. I was definitely a fan.

This is the second suicide in the past handful of months of folks I knew from back then. I knew I was coming to the age when I would start losing friends at a faster pace, but I didn't expect it to be at their own hand. This is hitting me hard. I'll be OK but I still hadn't settled my head down from Bill's death and the questions it brought up for me about, well, what I did back then and what it means for me now. Christmas is keeping me mostly distracted for the moment, happily, but those questions are still in the forefront of my mind.

But however I resolve those issues, I gave stills from Sex Flesh in Blood a full spread in one of my final issues for On Our Backs and it is still one of the hottest things that magazine ever published -- and all I had to do with it was saying "yes," the rest was his talent and what he coaxed out of his stars. You might have to take my word on it at this point I suppose, but I am proud to have known such a talented, fierce, fabulous man. I'll miss him. This sucks.


omg I didn't know. He was a friend and pulled me in to help plan / program the first trannyfest. I haven't seen him in years since I've been off the film fest circuit and knew that he was veering into unstable places from last time I saw him at a mutual friends house but... omg. wow. i need to go digest this.
I'm sorry you had to hear it from me. I wish I knew more.
Much love to you, sweet friend.
Yeah. It just sucks.
I'm very sorry; too much, and such a sad way to lose someone.