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Also, a small gender update

1. I think Simone's primary gender identification at the moment is "brother." Or at least her most solid. Second is "daughter." I have taken to calling her my "boy-daughter" on occasion, which seems to please her.

2. The school assignment administrative person saw Simone's name on her birth certificate and said, "oh, how perfect, a girl and a boy" and then of course corrected herself a moment later. This has happened a lot lately, with Simone herself sight unseen. It makes one wonder if the universe has a sense of humor or something, because I'll tell you, it's kinda awkward to be standing there going (in my head) "not only shouldn't you apologize for misgendering her, actually you weren't really misgendering her in the first place, um..."

3. A non-gender note: apparently final E's are tricky. I also had to make sure my last name preserved its final letter twice this morning. (My ancestors are known to have accidentally shed theirs in census records, too.) Sorry, Simone! I double doomed you! I didn't know!


Max still mixes up gender pronouns, thanks in part to my refusal to ever correct him. If the tooth fairy is a she one moment and a he the next, that's fine with me.

I've noticed in our house we rarely say son or boys, we usually say kids. I strive to structure sentences to avoid gender pronouns when they are unknown, without making it awkward and pretentious.
My children totally still mix up gender pronouns for much the same reason, and I am vastly reassured to hear this :).
Mine, too, although my kid is starting to self-correct a lot.