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reading tiger

Phase One is Complete!

I turned in my paperwork to the Oakland Unified Student Assignment office this morning after dropping the kids off at preschool and just before the rains really hit. The office staff was quite helpful in navigating around some of the quirks of the paperwork process and I have all the confidence in the world that they would get folks with even more shaky documentation than I enrolled with relative ease. (It turns out you *can* use, say, mail sent to your address as documentation. They prefer a bill of some sort but even a personal letter will do. This came up because both my insurance policies are from the same office and they wanted a backup piece of documentation.)

The office person even wrote "Twin #1/2" and "Twin #2/2" on the front of my applications to make it harder to miss the fact that they need to be assigned to the same school. There's a ticky box on the back of the form but apparently there was a snafu last year with at least one set of twins getting assigned to two different schools, so. (I have heard this from at least two different sources now.)

The earlyish hour and the rain kept the wait to a minimum, I think. I was unhappy about having to hike up a driveway with no sidewalk to get to the office, parked in a portable building out behind the former Lakeview school structure, but c'est la vie.

So. Phase One is complete, my children are entered in the school choice process, now I visit a couple charter schools Just In Case, fill out a financial aid form for Mills also Just In Case, and otherwise wait until March.

I think I will write a novel or two in my newly freed up spare time. Or at least a book proposal. Or two!


This is rather like what we went through getting my kid into medical school. Not quite as bad, but qualitatively too similar for comfort.
I have been having major flashbacks to the college applications process for weeks, up to and including the class angst.
I don't know what to say for the class angst. In med aschool, Frank has been comfortable about the difference between his class and the class of most of the other students (after our experiences I am not sure how any working-class person gets through medical school, short of being worthy of a MacArthur grant, but he's doing it).

But it's so different when you're young.
Heavens! It sounds like one of the Labors of Hercules. Hoping that the School Assignment Fairies smile on you all.