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reading tiger

I like the lists. I think I'll keep them.

1. Decorated the tree with much help from small children. Twins makes this happen a lot faster than I anticipated. Happily so.

3. Made braised pork cheeks with prunes today for dinner. Braising liquid: white wine and stock. Sauce could have used some more reducing (I was hungry and impatient), but otherwise it was a success. Also, pork cheeks can definitely stand up to stronger flavorings (like mustard and beer!), but I wanted to take it easy on the first run.

3. New haircut! It's actually more or less the same haircut I have been getting for (mumble) years now. Of course I went out and got it on the coldest day of the season so far. I'm clever like that.

4. My grandmother sent the kids cards and checks. She thinks Simone's name is "Salome," but that's OK. She also gets the last name hilariously wrong, but that's also understandable (and also still hilarious). I mean, she's eighty-something, her second husband just died, she may or may not be going blind, I am cutting her some serious slack at this point. It's all gravy, grandma. The card also apologized for not buying an actual present but she wrote that she "just wasn't up for it [shopping] yet." Aw. So now I seriously have to think of something that counts as a Great-Grandma present and tell her about it. That's my gift back.

5. I have tons of work to do. Things to pitch, things to research, other things. All I have to do is figure out when to carve out some time to, you know, actually do it. Lack of school tours will help.


Ohmygawd. I am fucking rolling on the floor that your grandma thinks that Simone is named Salome. It totally delights me.
(Pronounced SAL-OH-MAY? Or pronounced SAH-LOHM?)
I have no idea how she pronounces it; I'm going by what she wrote on the cards and check.
I just keep thinking of Oscar Wilde and giggling...
Thanks for an giving me an idea on cooking with prunes! I actually have a lot of yummy ones in the fridge.
I love the name Salome as I have a severe case of Salomania which I hope is never cured.