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reading tiger

Children's Culture

I had never heard of the children's game "What Time Is It, Mr. Fox?" until the kids started playing it spontaneously in my living room during the play date tonight.


I used to play that. along with red light green light.
I played lots of Red Light Green Light.
Is that the same game as "midnight"? (the sheep keep asking the -- wolf in this case -- what time it is until the wolf says midnight and then it turns into a tag game?)
Yes, that's the same game, give or take a few details. Lots of regional variations, but none I recognize. We just didn't have it, it seems.
I didn't play it as a kid, either: I learned it from my own kids, and from the kids at the schools I worked at.

So I don't know.
We had "What's the time Mr Wolf?" and when it was "Dinnertime!" the chasing began.
I too learnt it as a child as "What Time is it Mr. Wolf" with dinner time being the answer that caused the children to flee.
I've never heard of it either.

My big beef with Mr. Fox

Lots of the swim classes at the Y use the fun part of the lesson time to play What Time Is It, Mr Shark and my biggest frustration with the game is that even with a female swim teacher and an all female class, they will still say Mr Shark instead of Ms Miss Mrs or Dr. I can understand not using Rev Shark.

I know it's a first world pet peeve, but it really grates my cheese every time I hear it.

Anyway, bringing home ideas from school that the parents don't know about is one main reason I hate homeschooling and love school schooling.

Re: My big beef with Mr. Fox

Heh. We had an issue last night in which our boy-identified guest did not want to ever take a turn as a chicken, only as the fox. There were many frowns from the adults.