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reading tiger

Phase Two Begins

Kindergarten enrollment forms are now available at the Oakland Unified administrative offices, which are now conveniently located downhill from my house. Due date is January 18.

(Three forms of proof of residence!)

ETA: Plus proof of custody!


Proof of residence is a PITA. I don't have to deal with school districts yet, but we asked about registering our domestic partnership with the City of Oakland and went through a very long list of possible forms of proof, most of which I don't have. (I have a mailing address that is on my State ID card -- although the DMV has records of both that and my address of residence -- and the utilities bills go either to my housemate or our landlord, etc. etc.) They wouldn't take the rental contract with our names on it or a (hypothetical) certified letter from the landlord as proof of cohabitation.
We have a utility bill issue as well. Fortunately, apparently, we have a car and auto registration plus insurance counts. Plus lease, plus renter's insurance. Plus driver's license/state ID for proof of custody (?! how does that prove custody? OK...)
Do you have extra custody forms you have to fill out because of G. and Not Andrei or is that not a big deal? Like for who is allowed to pick them up from school type things.
I don't believe it is an issue at most schools. All you have to do to allow a person to pick up your child is to list them on the form for that purpose. You usually are requested to put a "relationship" on there, but there's no real reason you can't put the relationship word that you choose. Since the kids are already incorporating the word "uncle--" nobody's going to ask for a family tree to establish who has the right to be an uncle.
For school choice/enrollment, it's basically if unfortunately straightforward: G. has no legal parental standing b/c I'm married to Steven, making the latter the legal father. (This does cause problems with verification of residency, as it happens; the PG&E bill is in G.'s name so we can't use it). At this point in the process that's all the district cares about. I imagine there will be a list for who is allowed to pick them up from school once we get them assigned to a school, but I have no idea how much of an issue it will be then. I'm guessing not at all, actually, if preschool is any indication -- I should be able to authorize anyone I like.