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reading tiger

It occurred to me this week that although we joke that April is the kind of picky eater that only consumes "white foods," in fact that's not accurate. She dislikes yogurt and cream cheese with a particular passion. to the point where I often have to reassure her that unmelted butter is not the dreaded Cream Cheese and can be consumed safely. She also dislikes those little Babybel cheeses and dislikes milk in her cereal. (She does like milk in a cup.)

Saltines and white bread are a win, though. And so is oatmeal.


How is she with regular cheese like Jack or white cheddar?

Does she like tofu but not tempeh?

I'm guessing there's something in those things you listed that takes rotten or bitter to her. Or it's texture, one.

I think it's a combination of taste and texture. I think she dislikes the sour tang of cream cheese and yogurt -- she likes sweetened yogurt, dry-curd tofu strips, dryer and less sour cheeses of all sorts.
Does she also dislike sour things like pickles, vinaigrettes, lemon flavors, or sweet/sour candies? (SweeTarts were one of my favorite candies growing up.)
It varies a lot. She often likes lemons and sometimes like pickles and sometimes avoids them.