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reading tiger

They don't name 'em like that anymore

Doing idle research on the surname Krakowski -- my great-great-grandmother's maiden name. Not for genealogical purposes per se but just for fun.

Favorite "relatives" from circa 1820-1960:

Gottlib Krakowski
Chaja Krakowski
Faustyn Krakowski
Ant Krakowski
Inft Krakowski
Moria Rose Krakowski
Rachla Hendla Krakowska a.k.a. Regina Helen Krakowski
Max Kraft (formerly Max Krakowski)
Isidor Adler (formerly Isaac Krakowski)
Perla Semel (formerly Grinbalt Krakowski)

Weirdly enough (or maybe not, since Michigan's Polish population is the third largest by state in the country -- I bet you can guess the top two) there are a bunch of Krakowskis in Michigan.


Most of these sound like my Russian and Polish Jewish family's names. Especially Gottlieb (that was a first and last name, variously), Chaja (we had Chaia) and Rachla. We also had an Israel.
Shmuel Krakowski of the Yad Vashem Archives (he of the egregiously misrepresented quote often picked up by Holocaust deniers, fwiw) is what started me down this road this morning.
Also, Ant and Inft are my favorites. I plucked them out of a list but from this point on I'm going to imagine them as twins.
But remember Ant is always on the left.
How funny! They are my favorites too, and before reading this, I had imagined them as siblings.
I've never seen some of those spellings (e.g. "Chaja") but I have a transliterated "Chaya Krevitsky" and a Ruchela on my side. Same? Same village?
Did you see dates with these names? I am afraid Inft may be short for Infant, and maybe it's a stillborn.
These were immigration and travel records, so it could be an infant but not a stillborn.
That's a relief!