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reading tiger

Musing on Schools, plus a detour

Went on another school tour this morning. One thing I am learning is that despite my purported loathing of the field of architecture, the physical environment really affects my impression of a school. I certainly make notes on administrators and teachers and whether or not they have a library and things like that, but I also look for spaciousness, natural light, open floor plans, and multiple levels or separate buildings or floors. Plus green space and art. Also, I should always feel like I am too tall.

I have lots of other thinky thoughts too.

I got lost on the way out of the school, as is my special talent. This is why I finally caved in and bought a smartphone -- so I can pull it out and go "duh, you're walking away from Macarthur, not toward it. Turn around."

And then, of course, I caught the wrong bus. Because I am magic that way.