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reading tiger

Post-Turkey Weekend, the short version

1. Went to tea at Lovejoy's, as per tradition. This was the first year we brought along the twins. We decided to get fancy so they looked like this:


They charmed everyone and remained engaged and well-behaved, too. Later photos may surface of them in their borrowed tea hats.

2. Afterwards, G. surprised me with tickets to see Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings at Davies Symphony Hall. All I can say is, wow what a show. That woman has unbelievable energy plus charisma to burn. We were all on our feet by the end of the night. G. jokes at the end, "thank you for letting me take you to this show" because he enjoyed it so much, but I was all there too.

3. (Vegetarians look away now.) Now that crab season has begun, on Sunday we engaged in another tradition: whole live crab for dinner. I kill and clean (liveback) the crabs just before popping them in the pot, if you're curious. Good thing, too, because we had a couple lively ones. I should've saved the lemon panko crumbs I made for dipping for the crab cakes tonight (yes, I have leftover crab), but oh well.


So! Adorable!
Those two are pretty freakin' adorable.
Stunning kids you got there.
That is a marvelous picture. You have gorgeous kids. :)
Oh dear god the cuteness.
What a great photo.
GB & I both love this pic. I showed it to him and asked, "Do you remember the twins?" He answered that he did, and asked, "Is she the boy and she's the girl?" (correctly pointing to them by their chosen gender IDs), despite the fact that the last time we visited, you had two kids who were presented to him as girls. So our kids won't have a problem in that department when we visit, at least.

Also, mmm, crab!