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reading tiger

For what it's worth...

1. I cooked a turkey and ate it too.
Mashed potatoes and stuffing also. And there was pie.

2. I spent money in a store on Black Friday.
Simone is giving herself "homework" again, and this time it involves Xmas decorations. So we bought some art supplies.

But most fun was spontaneous community on the playground at Roberts Park this afternoon, when I ran into friends-of-friends and acquaintances from music class. I learned how to make your own kid-safe light saber and saw two of them in action, and we all got to talk about explaining reproduction to four and five-year-olds who either themselves have or know folks who have nontraditional conception stories. (Or, what happens when Mom works at the sperm bank.)

OK, maybe not the most fun. That turkey was damn good, and the company too.

Tomorrow: tea!