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reading tiger


1. I think I found two books on serial killers and popular culture that will do nicely for my purposes. Thanks to everyone who offered their help.

2. I realized the other day that my knees haven't ached in their annoying pseudo-arthritic way for quite a while, most notably after spending The Day of the Dead in the park; then I realized that I've also been taking Sam-E for several years now. I guess that stuff works. Consider this my endorsement.

3. April and Simone have been very interested in having books on manners read to them at bedtime. Unfortunately, none of my carefully-curated manners books have any entry on "don't spit your food on the floor" or "don't stick food in your water glass, pre-chewed or otherwise." The latter is a particularly persistent problem in our household at the moment.

4. April has spent the morning wearing pajama pants on her heads and pajama sleeves as leggings.

5. Speaking of April:


When I was a little girl the books I used to like a lot were "Goops and how to be them and "More Goops and how not to be them." They were puzzling. They had great round heads and many of the things they did that you weren't supposed to do had no analogue in my everyday life. But it had the mysterious rhyme about soup sponns being little merchant ships and I was charmed by that. And the great round heads . . .

I suspect the books were actually nasty and ill-willed like other Gellett Burgess stuff was, but at the time I found them mysterious and full of wonders.

edit: I just looked them up and they are even more archaic than I thought they were.

tangential wandering mind: the chivalry part. Am I the only girl of my generation, reading page after page of material addressed to boys about being chivalrous to girls, who completely missed the bit about it being the boys they were talking to? I always envisioned myself opening the doors and pulling out the chairs . . . can I blame Gellett Burgess for my gender confusion at a young age?

Edited at 2012-11-21 10:43 pm (UTC)
If you'd like to blame Gellett Burgess, be my guest :)

FWIW, the books we are currently perusing are Manners Mash-Up and Manners by Aliki.
Simone: "It makes the water taste kind of icky."
And yet.
I love April's puddle video! The endless possibilities for joy!
What were the books you found? Curious if they're the ones I suggested!
One of them was. "Natural Born Celebrities," which is exactly what I was looking for. But the other one looks very interesting as well, so thank you!