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Spontaneous Fruit Salad With Preschoolers

I think the impetus to make fruit salad today was influenced by the fact that the kids made cranberry relish (with an old-fashioned meat grinder!) at preschool today. But whatever the cause, they asked for a snack in the afternoon and Simone said, "can we make fruit salad?" Sure, why the heck not?

To make Spontaneous Fruit Salad with Preschoolers, first locate one of every fruit in the house. In this case, that consisted of:

1 Fuyu persimmon
1 apple of unknown variety, probably Fuji or Gala
1 red pear
1 Asian pear
1 handful of red grapes because that's all that's left from lunch
1 can of pineapple in juice
1 banana

Let your children help with the procurement of fruit. They will drop the banana hook on the floor but pick it up again, so all's well.

Peel the apple and pears because one of your children always spits out peels. Peel the banana, obvs. Don't peel the persimmon, it's a pain in the ass. Drain the pineapple and drink the juice.

Dice the apples, pears and persimmon. Big dice is cool. Slice the banana.

Dump it all in a bowl. Add a wooden spoon.

Consider adding lemon or lime juice and decide that you're lazy and the pineapple juice will do just as well to prevent browning for now.

Let your toddlers each take a turn mixing the salad with the wooden spoon.

Spoon into small bowls and provide an eating spoon for each. Eat.

Forget that you also have a container of pomegranate seeds in the fridge. Sprinkle them on afterwards. Your children will refuse to have the seeds added to their bowls. Honor their refusal. Eat a handful of pomegranate seeds yourself instead.

Quietly cheer to yourself: "They ate mixed food! They ate mixed food!"


They have made several food suggestions lately that turned out well.
My kids wouldn't eat guacomole until by chance we went to a Mexican restaurant where they make it fresh at your table right in front of you.

They were riveted by the process, and they ate it all.

Now they love it.