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reading tiger

This Week in School Visits

Today (am): Crocker Highlands tour and Q&A
Tomorrow (pm): Mills take two, parent open house
Thursday (pm): Peralta open house information night

I get a week off for Thanskgiving, and then it's four-a-week for the first two weeks of December. I'll have a couple more through mid-December and early January and then it's enrollment time a.k.a. paperwork-a-go-go.

On the upside, I knocked a school off my list this afternoon ("100% of kindergarten class reside in the neighborhood" and there are other red flags as well), so that's one less place to visit.


So -- I don't get it. Are all the schools open enrollment? IN our town you go to your neighborhood school except for certain circumstances (no school in the neighborhood being rather prominent after they closed some schools). And then there's San Francisco, where who knows what school you'll get.
I'm like you, and this is making me never want to move! Jesus! That's worse than dating!
And then I get to do it all again for middle school and high school :P
It is so complicated in OUSD that I can't even tell you. The nutshell: yes, all elementary schools are open enrollment. You list your six top schools and turn in your form along with lots of proof of residence by the January deadline, and then they assign you a school according to a set of priorities like whether or not an older sibling is already attending or if your neighborhood school is a "Program Improvement" school. The default, if you don't fill out your paperwork or all the schools are filled, is your neighborhood school.

And yes, they closed my neighborhood school last year. (I was assigned a new school. I'm touring that one, too.)

Official explanation: http://www.ousd.k12.ca.us/site/default.aspx?domainid=18

A nice article that just went up today at Oakland North that touches on some of these issues as well as related budget issues: http://oaklandnorth.net/2012/11/13/schools-face-low-enrollment-and-teacher-consolidations/
I forgot to add that there are a *lot* of elementary schools in Oakland, so that also compounds things.
On the last one, I'll bite: did you knock that off because you don't live in the neighborhood?
I knocked it off because I don't live in the neighborhood and even if I did, the attitude conveyed by that statement is Bad News.