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One of the schools I toured this week had a "name stories" bulletin board up in the classroom. the kids had narrated their "name story" to a teacher, who had written it out. Then they made a self-portrait to go with it.

I was amused at the mental exercise of imagining trying to explain my children's names to their five-year-old selves. Simone: "well, your Mom heard a radio ad for an opera and..." April: "Your Mom wanted to use another name but it was already taken by your cousin, so she borrowed the phonemes and picked something else." Yeah. Those'll make great bulletin board blurbs someday.


....and realized her child would grow up to be a pirate and the Doge of Genoa....
Ya know, just this morning on NPR they talked about a mother in Kenya who named her twins "Barack Obama" and "Mitt Romney," and I thought, I'm so glad that April and Simone have names that are not paired in any excruciating way.