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"It had to be twins."

P.S. the twins and I had a discussion about uniforms earlier today. We discussed what they thought the word meant, identified people who wear uniforms -- mail carriers, firefighters, bus drivers -- and defined it as "wearing the same clothes every day."

"Some of the schools I'm looking at want you to wear a uniform. So, do you want to wear the same thing every day to school or do you want to wear different things every day?" I tried my best to maintain an even and neutral tone.

"I want to wear the same thing every day!" Simone said.

"I want to wear different every day!" said April.



Yes, but what same thing does Simone want to wear every day? That's the big question.

Given her age, I can imagine that it might not pass muster as an official school uniform, though it might do quite well as the uniform of a hero/ine of a great adventure.
Especially if she's allowed to wear her jump-rope belt slash scabbard.
The flip side to "you don't need to choose what to wear" each day is that you have to have the right clothing clean.

I wouldn't support a uniform that didn't allow everyone to wear pants. Or one that was all white. And if they allow you to buy the clothing anywhere (tan and blue for example, as opposed to a specific plaid) then you still get exposed to the possibility of clothing snobbery (mostly by older kids I would think.)

I have a mom friend who sewed a pink heart on the inside of her daughter's sweater. I thought that was achingly sweet.

Mostly I'm relatively neutral on uniforms and would put logistics (start time, location, after care) way ahead on my list.
Start time I believe is the same throughout Oakland Unified, so that's not a factor. (Charter schools may be different, I don't know.) There are certainly a lot of other factors further ahead on my list, for sure.
But at least you know you didn't unduly influence them!
It's true, I totally felt better about how well I framed it.
A friend of mine made a black skirt for school uniform that was lined with a bright red print, so on the weekends she could wear it inside out.
"Of course you can always accessorize." (Olivia Saves the Circus)