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reading tiger

Last night I dreamed that Annie's Cheddar Bunnies were recalled for being tainted with arsenic. I hadn't heard and someone frowned disapprovingly at me. I woke up and almost threw away the box before I remembered it was a dream.

So, politics. I am disappointed but not entirely surprised that we still have the death penalty in California. Then again, just a few years ago we voted down gay marriage and now look at things. (Hi Maine! Hi Maryland! Tip o' the hat to Minnesota and fingers crossed for Washington.) So I am still heartened that we got an anti-death-penalty referendum on the ballot in the first place and also still hopeful for change. That and sex trafficking were really my major political disappointments. And, as I alluded to on Facebook, I am happy that the teachers are happy.

Two school visits yesterday, one today, one tomorrow. Three more next week. Then I get a week off for the holidays. This whole process is bringing up Emotions in a way that surprised me -- whalloped me hard, in fact, on my way back to the car yesterday morning. I was anticipating some stuff but not like this. I have a lot of old damage, apparently. Where once I had abstract rage and realtime annoyance, now I am having crying jags. In private, of course. A man ain't supposed to cry and a butch ain't supposed to be vulnerable in public. I can say it on the Internet but even then I tend toward vague to the point of incoherence, I know. But that's where my head is at. Apparently the autumn of 2012 is the season in which I am an emotional basket case.

P.S.: Outlaw Bodies should be out any day now.


i think crying jags are in the air right now-- weather, time change, the season of grieving... i know me and mine are having 'em.

death penalty and sex trafficking are my disappointments as well, besides GMO non-labelling. poop.

at least there'll be turkey soon. i love turkey. oh and hey, i'll take obama over romney any day. not perfect, but something i am grateful for all the same.
I love turkey too! I am grateful for turkey. And for Obama, flawed as he is (I am not grateful for drones). And friends, and comments like this.